Xbox 360 Minecraft YouTube tip

Hey guys Tim here for another blog post and today I will give another YouTube tip, and it is about Xbox 360 and to see this you should see Stampylongnose and he does Hunger Games, tours, Pixelmon, lets play on adventure maps, and more! Hope you like him and please subscribe him because he is cool.

My Village or City

My village was a village until I added some stuff to it then I made it a city. So I have Tim Mall, Building Little Hills Hotel (I have more hotels,they are called Acura 1 and Acura 2), The Church of our Holy Mother Mary, My house, My brothers house, Civilian house’s 1-4, The TMX (right there is an SMX at MOA I means Shoe Mart Xpo but TMX means Tim Mall Xpo, The Tim restaurant and bakery, and the Front Office. So I will be showing some Pictures of my City and hope you like them.